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Which stroller is more compact folding - the Bugaboo Bee or the Joolz Hub?

Debs • 04 Apr 2024

Which buggy folds more compact? The Bugaboo Bee or the Joolz Hub? And is there a significant difference in folded size?

Eli • 05 Apr 2024

Hey, Debs,

Realistically, the Bee is more "bulky". The design is older - the Bee model exists for many years already, but the fodingf system did not change that much. So even if it seems a small stroller, it's larger after folding than comparable models. I mean, Bee's 90 cm x 46.5 cm x 32 cm folded dimensions are MUCH larger then Hub's 66 cm x 53 cm x 34 cm, especially length-wise.

To me, the most compact of this type was the Cybex Mios, it felt really flat and easy to store in the car boot.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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