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Which stroller can be left outside (also during winter)?

kezban • 27 May 2024

A stroller to be left outside. I live on the 5th floor and don't have an elevator. I will leave it in the backyard during the winter.

Eli • 28 May 2024

Hey, kezban,

So sorry to disappoint you, but I know of no stroller that would be ok with that. Every single one, even the more expensive models, will suffer if outside all the time – the fabrics will dampen and get moldy, the metal parts rusty, but even before that, squeaky - and the wheels and ball bearings even more so.

I personally cannot, unfortunately, recommend to just leave it outside, even if under a roof. My advice is to find a place for it inside (whether a dry-ish basement, or carrying it up, first bassinet/seat, then frame, or perhaps leaving it in the car boot. Or, if none of that is possible, perhaps getting an inexpensive model (whether new, or second hand) that you won't be sorry got rusty or moldy, and can change for a new/another onne easily.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.