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Which pushchair is more spacious but the same size or smaller than the Oyster 3?

Debs • 06 Oct 2023

My granddaughter is just 18 months old and has almost outgrown her Oyster 3 pushchair as she’s so tall. The seat is already on the highest setting.

Which pushchair do you recommend that folds about the same size or smaller than the Oyster 3? She needs a high backed and deep seated pushchair to last until she no longer needs one - at least 3 years old. Not sure if the bucket-type seats are bigger.

She has looked at the Bugaboo Butterfly but this has very small wheels and is mainly for city living and she lives on the edge of a small market town. The reviews are not brilliant either so this has been discounted.

Preferably need one that can lie flat-ish as she needs her naps and one that will sit upright. Also an opening bumper bar as she loves hers at the moment. Looked at Baby Jogger City Mini GT but wondered if there are any others out there with a really large seat.

Thanks for your help.

Eli • 06 Oct 2023

Hey, Debs,

Well, you definitely need to go for a non-reversible (so no bucket-style) seat and a mid-sized, lightweight model. Actually, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is what you kind of need, kind of all-terrain and with one of the biggest seats for the size.

Apart from that, though, there are multiple similarly styled pushchairs - from the Oyster Zero (Gravity) through the Valco Snap to models like the ABC Design Avus or the Joie Mytrax (this one has a bit shorter backrest though).

In general, don't go for travel strollers like the Butterfly, nor for reversible seaters which have the canopy right above the seat back and will be small now or very soon. Check strollers similar in build to the City Mini GT.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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