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Which Joie car seat to choose to pair it up with the Chrome or the Litetrax?

Kay • 23 Aug 2022

I want to buy the Joie Encore I base, but want a car seat that will attach to this and a pram (which are not too expensive, ideally Chrome or Litetrax prams as these are less than £100 on eBay).

Would the I-gemm 2 fit encore, and would this pair with the Joie Chrome pushchair, or Litetrax?

If not would I snugg 2 pair with encore and chrome (or litetrax)?

Or I gemm 3 (but expensive) with the above?

If you can let me know what some of the cheaper option combinations are, that would be really helpful please, I've been struggling to figure this out for weeks! I also want to be able to pair a carrycot on the pram.

Thanks so much

Eli • 23 Aug 2022

Hi, Kay,

With the Joie i-Base Encore, you can pair these car seats:

calmi™ R129 car, i-Level™ Recline, i-Harbour™, i-Juva™, i-Gemm™ 3, and i-Snug™ 2

So only the i-Gemm 3 will fit here. With the car seat adapters fit the Litetrax or the Chrome, you CAN pair your i-Gemm 3 with both chassis - the frames both have Joie/Maxi-Cosi/Cybex style of adaptors that will accept any Joie 0+ car seat.

Btw, I personally would go for the Litetrax if you plan on longevity, and would only go for the Chrome line if you desperately needed something reversible.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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