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Which chassis is compatible with the Gesslein FX4 Classic seat?

Anna • 26 May 2024

Hi Eli,

I have a Gesslein FX 4 Classic but our chassis's joints broke so we are thinking about changing the chassis and we would like to keep seat what we already have. Which chassis is compatible with our seat from Gesslein FX4 Classic please? We would love it if we could get F6 Air + even if we have to buy some adaptors.

Thank you

Eli • 27 May 2024

Hey, Anna,

As far as I know, all the frames from the Gesslein F line should work with the seat of your FX4 Classic. Ideal is to check with the distributor, too, however you should be just fine getting the F6 Air or any other F chassis from Gesslein, no adapters needed.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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