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Which Baby Jogger for travel, trips, zoos and farms that will be spacious enough? Is the GT2 much better (for the price)?

Talltoddlermummy • 13 Nov 2023


I need a new pushchair for my 2.5 year old she is incredibly tall and at the moment is dragging her feet on the floor in her Cossatto Supa (which we use for travel) and her head touches the canopy on her Oyster 3 travel system. I am looking for something smaller than her travel system as it takes up so much of the car boot and when we go on holiday we need that space for luggage. It will mainly be used for trips to the park, shopping centres days out with lots of walking I.e. zoo, theme park, seaside, she will probably be using it for naps for longer days.

I have been looking at the Baby Joggers as they come highly recommended for bigger kids but I am lost between all the different models - like how much better is a City Mini GT2 for the money? Is the City Mini 2 suitable and is it better with 3 or 4 wheels? Is the City Tour 2 better as it collapses smaller? But then will the smaller wheels get stuck in rough terrain at farms and zoos and other outdoor events? I don't want to spend a fortune as I feel she will soon want to walk rather than ride, but we are looking at going to Disneyland and she will definitely get worn out quickly there.

Help please as we don't have any real showrooms near by either. Thank you

Eli • 13 Nov 2023


If the budget is a bit tight, I believe that for your described purposes, you will be ok with just the City Mini. The 3 or 4 wheel more depends on your preference than on "which is better" as 3-wheelers are easier to turn, nimbler, so that is better, but 4-wheelers are more stable, and people used to 4 wheels can just feel the 3 wheels as something not that preferable.

The GT2 is better in terms of terrain handling, the wheels are more capable, but if you will not need that or could live without it, the more urban non-GT version is just fine and the same roomy. And yes, both of these I would recommend if you need space, especially for naps.

The Tour 2 is MUCH smaller in the seat and truly only for occasional use, so if you plan long trips, many hours in the seat, and even naps with a taller toddler, then that is not the model I would recommend, it is a bit too limited for that.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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