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Which are the strollers with the longest carrycots?

Anna • 26 Sep 2023

Hi Eli!

Please advice me a carrycot with the biggest length (my newborn baby is tall).

Eli • 27 Sep 2023

Hey, Anna,

Cam strollers and Inglesinas (the modern ones, too) - both Italian brands, btw - have a very large, and also comfortable stroller carrycots/bassinets. Then, there are also Polish brands that also produce rather large carrycots, however, I feel their seat units, which you, in any case, will use longer, are on the weaker side, practicality and design-wise - i any case, check brands like Roan, Tako/Junama, Dorjan, or Adamex.

Personally, for larger carrycots, I think I would prefer the Italian models, though - but that, of course, depends on your budget, preferences, and other needs.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.