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Where to get the adaptors for a Cybex car seat and the Recaro Lexa Elite stroller?

Hiba • 22 Mar 2024


I am looking to buy the Recaro L3xa Elite stroller but I cannot find the adapters anywhere that would fit my Cybex car seat. I saw the adapters you attached on a previous question but I cannot find it anywhere in the UK, I am just wondering are there any other types of adapters that attach aswell?

Thank you for your help

Eli • 22 Mar 2024

Hey, Hiba,

Unfortunately, no, only the LExa Elite adapters with one U-shaped side will work for both the Lexa Elite and the Cybex car seat. It may be they are unavailable in your country or just not made at the moment, so I can only suggest browsing classifieds, eBay, and/or contacting Recaro's customer service about availability.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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