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Where to buy rear tires for a Mutsy Igo

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eli & vii
William Frederick Kearney • 25 Oct 2023

Can you still buy rear tyres for the Mutsy Igo stroller. The size is 11 half/inch x 2 inch tyres. I have been able to buy inner tubes but two new tyres is evading me.

Eli • 26 Oct 2023

Hey William,

I am sorry to say we're not selling nor have any deals with shops selling parts. What I would recommend in this case is first to contact any seller of Mutsy strollers around you and ask for possibilities of spares and/or service, OR write to their customer service online. After that, I would recommend browsing eBay and trying to find the full wheels there, it can be costly but not impossible. Other than that, and my last advice here, would be to visit a few specialized - bigger bike shops. They often have or can order tires of different sizes.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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