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What is a good seatback height (for a double stroller)? What is a better double side-by-side, the Joie Aire Twin or the Hauck Roadster SLX?

Sophie • 11 Feb 2022

Is 45 cm on a back rest good? Which cheap double side by side stroller would be better - the Joie Aire Twin or the Hauck Roadstar Duo SLX?

Eli • 11 Feb 2022

Hey, Sophie,

43 to 45 cm backrest is considered, at least by me, an AVERAGE height of a seat back. That means it is GOOD, as on twin/double strollers, seatbacks are ofter even below-average, height-wise. If the canopy is not immediately above the end of the seatback, it is an OK height.

From your two choices, I would absolutely go for the Joie Aire Twin. It is simpler, meaning also more compact, and I personally don't like the Hauck strollers' quality (it is made quite cheaply. However, count on the Joie to not be very all-terrain, it is an urban double pushchair.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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