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What do you think of the Egg 2 and the Mockingbird strollers?

Gina • 22 Feb 2024

How about the Babystyle Egg2? And what are your thoughts on Mockingbird quality and resilience?

Eli • 23 Feb 2024

Hey, Gina,

The Egg 2 is very cool looking and an upgrade from the Egg 1. It is sturdy, not as cushioned, and not as roomy, however it's stylish, won't fall apart, and looks gorgeous. Personally, though, I'd invest in a [[bugaboo-fox|Fox rather than the Egg (lighter, nimbler - I mean, the Egg 2 is 13.5 kg which is A LOT), ultimately - but if looks and sturdiness are the priorities, the Egg 2 is a great option.

The Mockingbird, to me, does not feel sturdy enough. The reviews confirm that, they are more on the negative side, and so I would not go for that one, personally.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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