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What car seat brands willfit on my Joe Chrome DLX frame?

Robyn • 19 Aug 2023

Hi there,

Struggling to find specific information anywhere online. Basically we have the Joie Chrome DLX travel system (minus the car seat). Besides the Joie carseats, what are my options?

I've seen that Maxi Cosi as well as Cybex fit on joie? Am I correct in saying that for ALL maxi cosi 0+ carseats that we won't need any other adapters other than the standard Joie DLX ones that come with the system?

And then in terms of other brands that fit? What others would that be and would we need a different adapter?

Thank you xxxx

Eli • 20 Aug 2023

Hey, Robyn,

Yes, you are right, on those Joie adaptors, you can attach any 0+ Maxi-Cosi as well as Cybex car seats. Then, Recaro, Kiddy, Avionaut car seats, and the Clek Liing will also work with the same adapters.

Also, Nuna car seats should work on the same adapters, but it's better to try beforehand, especially with the newer models.

There are no other adapters than those Joie ones, so you won't be able to go for other brands.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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