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What are the differences between the Kinderkraft Everyday and the Kinderkraft Nea strollers?

Shaneye • 27 Aug 2023

Hi Eli,

What are the differences between the Kinderkraft Everyday compared to the Kinderkraft Nea?

Thank you

Eli • 27 Aug 2023

Hey again, Shaneye,

There are multiple differences, but all is mainly about the size and use. The Everyday (read the full Kinderkraft Everyday stroller review here) is much more robust, much more meant for bumpier terrain - which also means it's heavier and bulkier. What it rewards you with though is that the large wheels that won't rattle much and the stroller can handle most.

The Nea is, on the other hand. less bulky and less heavy, but also has much more urban, simpler wheels, so not that awesome for bumpier roads (but the advantage is easier transport, less space taken).

With both strollers, expect a large carrycot and quite a large seat unit, too, so that is not a difference there.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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