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What adapter do I need for a Bugaboo Frog to pair up with a Peg-Pérego car seat?

Georgia • 03 Mar 2024

Which car seat adapter can I use on my Bugaboo Frog stroller, with my Peg Perego car seat?

Eli • 04 Mar 2024

Hi, Georgia,

You would need to get a dedicated Frog adapter for a Peg-Perego car seat, which is very hard to find these days. I am attaching a picture of what it looks like, and an eBay link I found such a thing. You can browse eBay or classifieds to find more, perhaps, but there won't be that many of them I guess.

Be aware that this is an old stroller model and some of the newest Peg-Pérego car seats might not work on those older adapters, ideal is to try beforehand.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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