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Valco Ultra Trend vs. Nuna Triv Next, which is better and sturdier?

Gaurika • 22 Apr 2024

You’ve been so incredibly helpful thus far in me narrowing down my top 3 stroller choices as a first time expectant parent.

I have not been able to check out the Valco Baby Snap Ultra Trend since none of the stores carry it on the floor in Chicago! They do sell it online.

Now that I compared Nuna Tavo Next and Triv Next in the store recently, I am also considering Triv Next due to its lighter weight and maneuvering.

Could you please compare the Nuna Triv next with the Valco Baby Ultra Snap Trend! They are the same weight category and reversible seats!

There is a price difference which is only made wider when one starts adding accessories. Which one is more durable to withstand a gate check for instance? I am leaning towards the Nuna Pipa rx car seat, and I know Valco does have an adapter for it.

Thanks again!

Eli • 23 Apr 2024

Hey, Gaurika,

Between the Triv Next and the valco, I guess the Triv will be a bit better choice. The nice fabrics and padding, the flatter fold, and a bit sturdier chassis make me think you'd be happier with that one.

Don't take me wrong, I think you wouldn't really make a mistake with either, but the Triv Next is the a bit higher quality, more luxury option so to speak.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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