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Valco Ultra Trend vs. Nuna Tavo Next, a comparison

Gaurika • 20 Apr 2024

Hi again,

Could you compare Valco Baby Snap Trend Ultra with Nuna Tavo Next? On paper, it looks like the Valco Baby has the reversible seat, new born ready and weight is still under 20 lbs. Not sure on the suspension of the wheels but I see the option of the infinity wheels for better terrain capability, if needed. Love the canopy size too.

Do you know of drawbacks for this model for city living (aside from the fold which Tavo Next has better IMO)?
I only found out about Valco baby through your page and it seems to pack in a lot of features on my checklist - the reversible seat is not a must but a nice to have feature especially if its not compromising seat size/weight/fold significantly!


Eli • 21 Apr 2024

Hey, Gaurika,

For a newborn, I definitely recommend the Valco Ultra Trend more than the Tavo. Its shading capability is incredible, and the seat is really protective. You are totally right though, that there is no suspension but the inflatable wheels will make that much better. The fold is bulkier, however, so yes, the Tavo is a bit better in that aspect.

So, if you need a flat fold, the Tavo would probably be better. However, all the other features are better, especially for a newborn, so if a bit bulkier fold won't bother you too much, the Ultra Trend would probably be more practical, especially with a smaller baby.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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