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Valco Baby Zee vs. Latitude EX, which is better?

Jen • 20 Apr 2023

I had a Silver Cross Coast stroller that got cracked on the chassis from a car driving into it. Silver cross says they can sell me a new chassis for $399. I don't want to do that when I can get a new stroller for less than that. At this point I have a double stroller from Baby Jogger, the City Classic which I use most of the time since I now have 2 children. I'd still like to have a decent single carriage though for when I go out with only one of them. I need it to fully recline so they can sleep in it if necessary.

I found online 2 models from Valco which have been discontinued and are selling for very affordable prices. One is the [valco-baby-zee|Valco Zee]] and the other is the Valco Baby Latitude EX Stroller, Silk Black. Are you familiar with these? Can you recommend one over the other? Or a different stroller that reclines fully that is $150 or under?


Eli • 20 Apr 2023

Hey, Jen,

Both are older models, so perhaps watch out whether the free plastics are not kind of weakened by time. In any case out of the two, I would probably prefer the Zee - it is much more comfortable to push thanks to the chassis shape, and it is simple yet practical. The Latitude is not bad itself, just if I were choosing, I would probably take the Zee.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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