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Uppababy Cruz v2 or Bugaboo Fox 5? Which is better for versatile urban use?

Sasha • 04 Oct 2023


Having trouble deciding whether the Uppa Baby Cruz v2 or Bugaboo Fox 5 would be best for our lifestyle.

We live in a city with some fairly uneven sidewalks/cobblestones and a fair amount of snow, ice, grit and rain in the winter, so are minded towards the larger wheels and easier push of the Fox 5, which seems to better handle this urban terrain and getting up/down curbs.

However, we also don't have a car and live in a fairly small apartment (with a lift - so no issues with carrying up/down stairs), and the Fox 5 doesn't look the slimmest when folded down. I've also seen some complaints that it's a bit of a lug getting on/off public transport and using in shops, restaurants and cafes.

Any tips for how to balance these competing priorities? Or perhaps other models that might be better suited. (We considered the Bugaboo Dragonfly as a lighter alternative but have been told by a few different salespeople that its wheels/suspension won't be good enough for everyday use where we live).

Thanks very much!

Eli • 04 Oct 2023

Hey, Sasha,

You are right that the Fox is not the most compact. However, it is not a huge stroller, and it is really light for what it can do and how versatile it is, so honestly, I can recommend it - UNLESS you need a tiny stroller for your car. When you fold it in two pieces specifically, it will fit any normal car - and the driving characteristics will really rewardyou for that for an everyday use.

The Vista, honestly, is a good, spacious stroller with a huuuge basket but the suspension is hard - it is not as comfy, ehike it is really bug and bulky opened and super long closed. So if I did not need to sibling option of the Vista, I would prefer the FOLK for sure.

About other options, I would perhaps look at the Cybex Balios S or even the Cybex Priam, and the ABD Design Swing could also work for you (super spacious bassinet and seat, too), but smaller wheels - but the larger-wheeled ABC Designs are a bit bulkier.

Still, I think the Fox, if you budget allows it, is a very god option.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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