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Thule Shine: Thule Shine or Nuna Triv Next - for everyday as well as travel use?

Sofie • 22 May 2023

If you were to choose between the Thule Shine or the Nuna TRIV Next, which would you choose for an everyday and travel stroller? I am after something I can use everyday at home but that will also work well over cobblestones overseas.

Eli • 22 May 2023

Hi, Sofie,

I personally like the Thule Shine much more. It is kind of better made. But it does have smaller wheels, so it won't be great on cobblestones. Honestly, Nuna Triv next also won't be great on cobblestones though.

I would go for the Shine, but with the warning that you should not expect performance on cobblestones - there, the larger the wheels and the larger the frame (= bulky), the better.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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