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The Bugaboo canopy lets in too much light, what to do?

Anmarie • 20 Apr 2024

Dear Eli,

I bought a used Bugaboo Buffalo and it's very nice, but I have one problem: that canopy lets so much light in the stroller! I mean, through the canopy fabric. I have the canopy in the color Off White, but I think other strollers with light/white/beige canopies don't have this issue. I'm so bummed, as I thought this is a "luxury" model, and I thought it would have a better canopy. The stroller is from 2014 or even older but in great shape. At least nowadays Bugaboo boasts of having spf 50 canopies, but I really didn't know it let's so much light in.

Have you ever noticed this in Bugaboo canopies? Is there anything I could do other than toss an ugly blanket on the canopy..? And won't it be bad for air circulation too. My baby is very sensitive to light and always covers her eyes with her hand if it's too light. I can't imagine getting her take long naps in this stroller 😫

Is there another brand that has this kind of problem with canopy fabrics? I'm thinking of maybe buying another stroller if there is no solution to this problem.. I'm thinking of Moon Sport Buggy. I wonder if they have the same problem..

Could you suggest a solution for the problem or another stroller?

My stroller demands are:
Reversible seat
Small when folded (one of the measurements under 45 cm)
Folds with seat attached both ways
Big all terrain wheels
Long seat unit
Beautiful design
A canopy that provides shade!!

Thank you so much. I am so in awe of what you do! We are all so grateful for your knowledge.

Eli • 21 Apr 2024

Hey, Anmarie,

Functionality-wise, you won't fund many strollers that are better and higher quality than the Buffalo, I mean, in the similar category - a reversible, lighter model of a premium brand. I am not sure which canopy color you have, however if you have a light shade, e.g. white/cream, light blue, etc., those can let in more light than the darker shades. Before changing the stroller altogether, I would browse classifieds and eBay for a different Buffalo canopy with a darker color (black, brown, navy, dark grey, etc.). Anogher option is to find a tailor and either have a whole new one made (with the old one, you actually even have the template for them, it's not too hard to put together), OR ask them to sew another layer on the. underside to make the shade better.

The Moon Sport buggy probably will shade more, especially if a newer model, however they tend to have the ventilation window in quite a bad spot (the light gets in if opened), and that model itself will be much lower in quality while less spacious than your Buffalo.

If you need a reversible model with a long seat, check also the Mamas&Papas Armadillo reversible line. Great canopies, there, too, but don't pick the lightest shade ;-)

Your -very berry- Eli.

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