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The best ompact stroller for a tall 20mo, cobblestones and with a decent basket

Ollie • 28 Jun 2023


Looking for advice for the best stroller for:
A taller/longer 20 month old,
Compact fold so it doesn't take up the entire boot of a Mini Clubman,
Good for city cobbles,
Easy access but decent-sized basket.

I had the Silver Cross Pioneer set which was great for the basket but not so great on the compact fold. Then I found a Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 3 wheeler second hand but the access to the basket is so annoying that I end up having to clip bags on the handle bar, which makes it tip.

Please help, my brain is scrambled haha. Thanks in advance, Ollie x

Eli • 28 Jun 2023

Hey, Ollie,

It's good to think about the fact that the smaller the stroller/more compact the fold, the smaller must the parts, bars and openings be made so that it actually shrinks in size. Which is why your Pioneer had more space to get to the basket but was so bulky, and your City Mini GT2 is good but the basket access is worse.

Personally, I would probably keep the GT2. I understand if you wouldn't, though I had strollers with much worse baskets and just got used to load stuff in there one by one - the other features just made up for it (and may be worse with different pushchairs). That being said, a similar one but with a bit different basket could be the Oyster Zero (Gravity) - but still, it is a same "type" of stroller, plus the Zero is a bit less all-terrain (= worse on cobbles) compared to the GT2.

The Valco Trend could work too, again a no-suspension - less all-terrrain model, but super spacious, and with a nice-size basket (and a bit better opening).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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