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The backrest of our Hauck Rapid 4 is not holding in place, what to do?

Tyger • 04 Mar 2023


We are travelling to Europe with our 5year old sonm who weighs 21kgs. We bought the Hauck Rapid4 stroller on Amazaon delivered to Oman. When the child sits in, the backrest keeps falling down inspite of tightening the same with the extended straps provided.

Can you suggest how we can overcome this problem for our trip so that the child can sit upright and not fall down since the backrest doesn't stay in place?

This is urgent as we leave tomorrow.

Eli • 04 Mar 2023

Hi, Tyger,

You probably received a faulty piece if the strap, after rightly tightening it upwards, falls down. My emergency solution to this would probably be some kind of home made clip put in that place instead, something like this, secured on the strap right behind the backrest. Without seeing the problem though, I would recommend returning the faulty stroller though.

Also, check this video at about 0:41 to check whether your adjusting the backrest right:

Your -very berry- Eli.

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