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Strollers with reasonably good suspension, urban use and use with a car

silversurfer • 30 Jun 2023

Hi Eli,

Which strollers would you suggest with reasonably good suspension, urban use and use with a car; We are really confused with the choices (heads up we don’t have Uppababy available where we live).

Eli • 30 Jun 2023


For a lot of car transport, it really helps if the stroller is quite compact. Nothing's worse than to have your whole car boot full just with a stroller. Which is why I personally went with a Cybex Mios with my third - yeah, it does have small wheels, but the suspension was actually really nice, and the fold compact (plus the seating area is rather long so it lasted well).

I can understand if you'd want larger wheels, but it usually means a bit bulkier stroller. The Bugaboo Fox is a very nice ride with larger wheels, super popular in larger cities because f it - but the fold, two-piece, is bulkier, unfortunately. The Cybex Balios S is a nice option, and the Joie Versatrax is a nice price-performance ratio (but not the smallest, still, fits a car boot ok I would say).

And I will also mention the Baby Jogger City Sights - but I am not sure if s available where you are.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.