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Silver Cross New Pop: I want to upgrade from my narrower-seat, smaller-basket Cosatto Supa 3 - is this a good choice?

Daniela • 22 Jan 2023


Currently have a Cosatto Supa 3, wanted to buy a Silver Cross Pop (the new one with the bumper bar) as I feel the Cosatto is too narrow on the seat wanted one a bit wider… the basket from the Cosatto is also not to big… Opinions please :) Thank you

Eli • 22 Jan 2023

Hi, Daniela,

You will definitely improve with the seat width with the New Pop, the seat is a bit larger, yes. It is so, however, on multiple umbrella-style buggies, e.g. the Koelstra Simba T4 or the Peg-Pérego Si as well. There are upsides to this buggy, but I personally don't think I would buy it unless it is at a very very good price, as it does not stand out in quality vs. performance ratio to me personally. The basket won't be much bigger nor much accessible on this.

If the seat width is the only real requirement of yours, and you have the New Pop at a nice price, why not. If, however, you'd want to upo your game a bit more, check, perhaps, Maclaren buggies, the newer ones wih the single handle are really reasiet to push and overall a super nice quality.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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