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Riko Marla: Is there a base for the car seat?

Grandma Linda • 11 Jan 2023

Just wondering if I am able to purchase a separate base unit for the carrier so that I can use it in the car. I know I can strap the carrier itself into the car, but would find it more useful to have a base I can snap in and out of.

Eli • 12 Jan 2023

Hi, Linda,

If we're talking about the color-matched, included car seat, unfortunately, there is no base in most countries, and it also depends on which car seat they gave you with the set. You will, most probably, need to strap it in, to be honest. With better brand carriers that can be attached with the Maxi-Cosi-style adaptors, you could get a base, but the basic, cheaper no-name car seat they included doesn't offer the base option to be purchased optionally. I did find a seller offering a base with their set (https://www.ebay.com/itm/401744293413), so perhaps you could write to them IF your car seat is the same as in their picture, perhaps they would sell you one. Also good to try is to contact the seller you got the pram at, and ask about base availability. But as far as I know, the car seat mostly comes without base.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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