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Riko Brano Ecco: Is this brand/model good - worth 600 EUR?

Faisha • 26 May 2024


I have some question regarding the price as you called it a cheaper brand. In France it cost more than 600 euros so does this pram is a cheaper brand as we have many good brand which cost around 300 -400 euros.

Is this brand good or bad? As I like the design but is it worthy to spend 600 euros to buy it?


Eli • 26 May 2024

Hey, Faisha,

The brand is Polish, and the closer you get to Poland, the cheaper this one will be (can be about 300-400 EUR). What you pay (in France) is higher because of the importing costs, taxes and transportation.

With this particular pram, you may love the carrycot as as a Polish model, it has a really big one (Polish rams are often like that). However, if you are looking for value as a system (set with a seat and perhaps also a car seat), the whole 3in 1 or 2in1 set won't be worth it - the seat is tiny, space-wise, while bulky to store, and the car seat not tested well enough. So I personally would not get this, especially if you want to use the seat as well. The carrycot, for the first 5-8 months, would be nice, but all else is not worth it in my opinion.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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