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Phil&Teds Go Double: How does this fare on bumps?

Sophie • 09 May 2023


I’m really contemplating this stroller as a double for my girls. I was curious as to how well it fairs in regards to going up and down bumps if you can get on transport with to the double, or will it not go up the step?

Thanks in advance x

Eli • 09 May 2023

Hey, Sophie,

The Go Double is a double version of a travel stroller. It is very simple and meant for undemanding walks, smoother surfaces, and holidays. Personally, I would not really take this for a more demanding use - as you are asking, public transport (the stroller is long for that and will be a real pain to push up a stair, not for a lot of curb-lifting in general. So, for occasional use, it is a very nice model. For public transport, a side-by-side or something more substantial would be a better choice.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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