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Nuna Triv Next: What kind of adapter would allow the UK Nuna Triv carrycot work with US Triv Next stroller?

Ash • 08 Jun 2023

What kind of adapter would allow me to use Triv carrycot from UK work with Triv Next stroller in the US? And where do I find the adapter?

Eli • 08 Jun 2023

Hey, Ash,

This is a question for the Nuna customer service more than me. They made it purposely so that there is a new frame, new carrycot, and only Nuna car seat compatibility, and since I personally don't have both these models at hand, I cannot tell you whether they are really compatible. The Nuna adapters' availability is an even more complicated matter. I recommend writing to Nuna directly.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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