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Nuna Tavo Next vs Nuna TRVL lx - as a first stroller for city walks and car trips

GM • 17 Apr 2024

Hi there!

Glad I stumbled upon this page! I am wondering what your take is on the Nuna Tavo Next vs Nuna trvl lx. They both seem new born ready, bigg-ish wheels, only front facing seat and no need for adapters. Excepr trvl lx is a good 6-8 lbs lighter than the Tavo Next.

Looking for our first stroller- anticipate use would be in a city for walks around the block, groceries, in and out of car for trips around town (most folks assume city dwellers get around everywhere on foot and hence need joggers or all terrain strollers) and consider the lighter options for the “suburban” “car lifestyle “ parent. We know we’ll need a more compact stroller for travel but wondering if the new Nuna trvl lx with the bigger wheels and suspension at 17 lbs can be a good travel stroller as well - for gate check in one of those protective Nuna travel bags?


Eli • 17 Apr 2024

Hey, Gaurika,

I totally get your need for a smaller model, I live in a city and walk a lot (but travel a lot by car, too), and a smaller, lighter model was definitely more practical than a jogger, especially when the child gets to be a toddler and walks by itself a bit, too.

I would not, however, totally recommend the trvl for the price and as an only stroller. If you would want it for occasional use, sure, but the stroller, for the price, has a bit of a small seat and thus I am not sure the longevity is there. The fold is not as compact for it to be taken as cabin luggage, meaning you would probably just do better to get the Tavo that can accommodate a bit of a larger / taller kid.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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