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Nuna Mixx Next: My Nuna Mixx canopy needs the lever pushed to be folded, is that normal?

Nuna mixx • 31 Dec 2022

My Nuna Mixx canopy folds from stage 2 to 5 without pushing down on the lever whereas folding it completely needs the lever pushed. Is it supposed to?

Eli • 01 Jan 2023


The canopy should not require any pushing of anything to be closed nor open. I am attaching a page from the Nuna Mixx Next manual and even there, it is stated you should just push and pull it. Try checking if anything is not stuck in the mechanism, or you may try to oil it (without the fabric near the oil though), otherwise only contacting the manufacturer's customer service or the distributor is a solution, as there might be a problem.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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