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Nuna Ixxa: What is the backrest height and maneuverability, compared to Cybex Mios?

Nadiia • 21 Feb 2024

Hello, what is the seatback height on IXXA and how does it manoeuvre compare to Cybex Mios? Thanks a lot!!!

Eli • 21 Feb 2024

Hi, Nadiia,

I don't have the exact seat measurements for this model, and the manufacturer doesn't provide one, either. The seat is, however, smaller than the Mios' - I can make an educated guess and tell you it may be approximately 49 cm in the seat back area, plus a much shorter leg rest. The wheels have less suspension and the whole, although nimble, is a bit inferior, maneuverablity-wise, to the Mios.

I personally would prefer the Mios, honestly, it will last you longer.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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