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My Cavoe Axo is very hard - no suspension, what to do?

Vaidas • 23 Apr 2023


I purchased the Cavoe Axo Shine model (flamingo). I am not happy with this Axo Shine model. It’s very hard for baby (no suspension).

Please, maybe is possible to change in suspension chassis soft?


Eli • 23 Apr 2023

Hi, Vaidas,

Unfortunately, I don't know about any possibility of adjusting the suspension on the Cavoe Axo frame. Normally, it gets better over time, with use, and as the baby grows and is heavier. In the meantime, you can lubricate the suspension parts with a silicone spray, and when not using it with the baby, push on the handle regularly to make the frame go up and down with a bit (not too much) strength. Other than that, there's not much to do. This is a rather budget-friendly, simpler, and urban model, and as such, is not as packed with features nor as high quality, unfortunately.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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