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Mutsy IGo: Is there a way to make the reclining smoother (as it is really hard to lift the lever)?

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Kate Rose • 15 Nov 2023

Hello Eli.

I have inherited from a friend a 6 years old Mutsy Igo and I have problems reclining the seat, it’s really hard to lift the back handle. Maybe it’s too old. Is there a way to rub some vaseline on the system?

Eli • 15 Nov 2023

Hey, Kate Rose,

I would only recommend stripping the seat down (but make sure to document how you did it so that you can put it back on), and then, try silicone spray for the moving parts. You can get that e.g. in autoparts shops, or in bugger supermarkets.

If that doesn't help, something may simply be broken inside.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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