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Mutsy 4Rider Single Spoke: Will the current Mutsy carrycots fit?

Izabela • 07 Oct 2023

I am looking to buy a carrycot for my Mutsy 4rider and can't seem to be able to find the original one. Do any of the current carrycot models fit the discontinued 4Rider?

Thank you.

Eli • 07 Oct 2023

Hey, Izabela,

Unfortunately no, the newer Mutsy carrycots won't fit the older 4Rider. You will have to check classifieds or eBay, but if there's no pre-owned available, I recommend using the seat in the fully recline position + a universal insert soft cot (e.g. from Britax, Hauck, Valco Baby...).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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