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Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle V3: Would this stroller fit into a Fiat 500 car boot?

Nicola • 03 May 2023

I love this buggy. It’s amazing. I would really like to get one. We are planning on relocating to the countryside and we live long walks. However, we currently live in London and I have a Fiat 500.

Is there any way this would fit into the boot?

Eli • 03 May 2023

Hey, Nicola,

The Fiat 500 should have a boot's min. length of 102 cm, and height 89.6 cm. Meaning this stroller, folded (90 cm x 63 cm x 33 cm) should fit, but it will of course not be a smooth, super easy fit. I believe for an easier fit, you will have to remove the wheels, and yeah, the best would be to try it first to be totally sure. But I believe the stroller will fit, though with a Fiat 500, you will always be struggling a bit.

Another approach is to have a small buggy just for the car, and this one for your everyday walks.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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