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Mountain Buggy Nano V2: Will this be suitable for travelingw with a 25kg 9 years old?

Nanna shaz • 28 Feb 2023

I’m travelling to Japan with a 9 yo who weights about 25 kgs. Would this be suitable for her as we will be doing a lot of walking and she will get tired and is too heavy to carry?

Eli • 28 Feb 2023


I will disappoint you now, I guess, but I would never ever go for this for a 9-year-old. I know you're traveling and so you're looking for a travel stroller, but they are made so small to fit the cabin luggage requirements that no matter what the weight capacity of it is, the seat will be way too short and narrow, resulting in your daughter to have her head bumping into the canopy and being squeezed into the seat all over. You will have to check something larger. Either at least with a higher backrest (like the Joolz Aer or the Bugaboo Butterfly which I think will still be small for her) - optimally, it should be something you will need to gate check, like the Baby Jogger City Mini2 that simply has more space in the seat. It is well worth the extra money and gate-checking, otherwise she will moan all the time in the seat, I believe.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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