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Moon ReSea Sport: Is the Moon Sport a different / new version?

Anmarie • 14 Mar 2024


There's a model online that's called Moon Sport.(https://moon-buggy.com/en/prams/sport.html) I think it's different from ReSea Sport? It says the backrest length in Sport is 54 cm, and the seat unit is 90 cm, so it must be a different one. I couldn't find it on your page yet. Maybe it's so new?

Thank you!

Eli • 15 Mar 2024

Hey, Anmarie,

The Sport seems to be an upgrade of the ReSea Sport with larger back wheels. They may have made the backrest longer, sure, though the measurements are approximate, and the hood being right over the seat is still there with the Sport as well.

So, yeah, it's new/or an update and it seems quite nice, especially as a more budget-friendly option of a reversible seater. Do not expect a huge seat though, it will still be a bit limited, room-wise.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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