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miniuno Toura: The car seat straps are loose even if tightened, is that normal?

Ktn • 13 Jun 2023


I’ve got the full travel system which is great; however, the car set itself there seems to be an issue with as the straps will not go any tighter and are extremely loose, there’s a good 3-4 inch gap around the baby when it’s pulled to the tightest point, and they will not physically go any tighter so I am unable to use it as it makes it unsafe to travel in, is this normal with one of these seats, or is there an actual issue with the straps on mine?

Eli • 13 Jun 2023

Hey, Ktn,

This is definitely not normal. It definitely depends on whether your baby was a preemie, or is unusually small (in which case you shouldn't use the car seat and either wait to travel with the baby, or get different, small babies-dedicated one), or there is really an issue. In any case, I would try different car seats to see if there's the same problem there, too, and would try to claim warranty or ask the seller/distributor/customer service for help with replacing or adjusting that.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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