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miniuno Toura: How to use the wedge in the car seat?

Dom • 15 Mar 2023

I have the miniuno Toura with the miniuno SecureFix Group 0+ car seat/infant carrier, which comes with a car seat wedge. However, I do not know how to use this for my newborn, can you shed some light?

Eli • 16 Mar 2023

Hi, Dom,

The wedge is normally used for small babies to have a bit flatter surface for them - to be too "sitting up" is very unhealthy for them. You will only have the wedge in the car seat at the start, so just leave it in the space where it fits so that the car seat is not that bent (plus the head of the baby is more secure), and when/if your baby seems too tight with it, you just remove it. There is not given time that happens, some babies are larger and don't need that wedge at all.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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