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Mamas&Papas Armadillo Flip XT 3: M&P Armadillo Flip XT3 vs. Joie Finiti, which is the better choice (from birth)?

Lauren • 04 Jan 2024

Hi Eli.

I'm currently considering between this stroller and the Joie Finiti Signature for my newborn. I think they have similar specs and good reviews on the internet. The problem is, I'm still unsure about which one of them has a better build quality and durability, since I couldn't get my hand on these strollers in the stores near me.

So my question is, if I can get these strollers at around the same price, but the Flip XT 3 was manufactured in 2019 and the Finiti in 2021/2022, which one will you recommend to get?
Thanks a lot!

Eli • 04 Jan 2024

Hey, Lauren,

You picked two rather practical, solid strolers, so I don't think you would make a huge mistake with either of them. My personal choice would, however, be the Flip XT3 as I find is a little sturdier, especially front-wheels-wise, I heard a few complaints on the Finiti. The Flip XT3 has also a bit longer seat, which is nice. It is not as cushioned, though, so it's best for urban use, but apart from that, I think it's the better, a bit more luxury kind of stroller.

Again, both should be good choices, this would just be my preference.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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