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Lionelo Irma: Which cheap travel stroller would you recommend?

Leila • 30 Oct 2023

Hello I’m a first time mom, and about to travel with my 6 months old which cheap travel stroller. Do you really recommend I know cheap means limited function, but which one really does work well even though it’s cheap?

Eli • 30 Oct 2023

Hey, Leila,

I would honestly first look at better ones in classifieds = a second hand better one can serve you much better and you can save a lot of money like that.

But if you do want a new one, I think I would look at the Kinderkraft Nubi which is reasonable for the price. As you know, you can't expect miracles for a low price, but that one is quite alright.

Personally, I would just want you not to get a Hauck travel stroller, they are ver\ cheap but the quality just isn't worth the saved money.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.