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Lightweight, compact full-featured strollers like the Cybex Melio - what are the options?

Anna • 05 Dec 2023

Hello Eli,

I am looking for a lightweight, relatively compact full functionality stroller like the Melio. Forward and back facing, full flat position and a rather big canopy would be important.

Could you help me what are my options in various price categories?


Eli • 06 Dec 2023

Hey, Anna,

There are not too many strollers in that size and weight category (that would have a reversible seat and a lie-flat seat as well). I will suggest the Cybex Mios as the best option, sturdiness vs. maneuverability-wise, then the Bugaboo Bee, Silver Cross Spirit (much less spacious), iCandy Raspbesrry, and from the cheaper ones, there is the Hauck Eagle 4s but that I strongly not recommend, this is a very low-quality stroller with a very small seat.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.