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leclerc Magicfold Plus: Leclerc Magicfold Plus versus Peg-Pérego Selfie - could you do a comparison?

GingerLady • 29 Sep 2021

Hi, could you compare these strollers with Peg Perego Selfie?

Eli • 30 Sep 2021

Hello there!

Yes, sure.

To me, the seatback of the Magicfold Plus is quite short and rounded, meaning it will be more comfy for smaller kids for sure. That is often so with travel strollers, but here even more prominent. When comparing it to the Peg-Pérego Selfie, the Selfie seems more generous in the backrest area and will suit better for naps or taller toddlers. Still, both are ultra-compact strollers meaning small ones, with smaller seats.

What you'll appreciate with the Magicfold is the auto-fold, which is super easy even with a kid in hands. The thing about those complicated systems MIGHT be that they can wear out sooner, or something inside might break over time (this doesn't mean it will certainly happen, but the chances are often higher - and the more so the cheaper the buggy is).

What is really good about the Selfie, apart from the design factor, are the doubled bars that give its frame more sturdiness, more stability from the long-term point of view. The leclerc lacks more support from the frame, meaning it will last worse (probably, again).

What is worse about the Selfie, compared to the Magicfold Plus, is the canopy, which is thinner and shorter, so not that much sun coverage.

Both seats are quite slanted, not upright, which you should be aware of. The Selfie might be a bit more slanted even, but the difference is minimal, the child won't sit upright in either of them. This is also normal for ultracompacts.


The leclerc has one strong advantage if your aim is to travel with it - and to take it on board as cabin luggage. It is smaller. That is probably also why the seat is shorter, but it will be accepted much more by airplanes as it's narrower and shorter in (folded) length. So if that is your stroller priority, you will definitely go for the leclerc (from these two).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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