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leclerc Influencer: Leclerc Influencer XL vs. Bugaboo Dragonfly - for urban lifestyle but with lots of car use?

Helena • 28 Dec 2023

Hi there!

Having a hard time deciding. Could you please compare Leclerc influencer XL with the Bugaboo Dragonfly for urban lifestyle but with lots of car use? Which one is best for a newborn but also for long lasting use? Don't want to change my stroller in 2 years :) Many thanks!

Eli • 28 Dec 2023

Ji, Helena,

If you want a long-lasting stroller, you need something not primarily meant for occasional use and. travel. The Influencer, even if marketed as kind of versatile, was designed as a travel stroller, and with that size and seat space, even if it's practical for car trips, I would not want it for a newborn nor for any terrain except for smooth pavements, malls, and similar. Even with the larger wheels. It will get looser, and the short backrest will be a bit awkward about 2 years in.

The Dragonfly is definitely more suitable for a newborn, design-wise, though again, if you want something from birth until 33-4 years, a reversible seater might not be it. The needs of the child as well as you change about 1.5-2.5yo as one needs something roomier but lighter, simpler, which a reversible model won't be.

Personally, I think you picked opposites, and I would suggest something roomier but lighter, quick folding. E.g. the Oyster Zero Gravity, the Baby Jogger City Mini2, or a Valco Snap (or Trend). All offer a bassinet option, more space in the seat, but also flat fold and multi-terrain use, not compromising the baby's nor pushing comfort.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.