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Kinderkraft Nubi 2: The backrest is slightly bending forward in the middle, is it normal?

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eli & vii
Katie • 03 Oct 2023


I’ve recently purchased this stroller and when putting it together I’ve noticed that the back rest is slightly ending forward in the middle. I just wondered if this is normal and due to the way it folds?

Thank you

Eli • 04 Oct 2023

Hey, Katie,

Yes, that is right, and many strollers of this size have it like that. To make it so foldable while keeping the seat back reasonably high, there is a folding piece in the seat back part. The only other option would be to make it very short, e.g. as the Babyzen has it, but that makes it really short for taller toddlers.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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