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Kinderkraft Nea, ABC Design Salsa, Britax Strider M - a nice to push system with spacious seat..?

Helen • 16 Mar 2024

Hi Eli.

I've decided to go for 2 pushchairs. I'll look at a 2nd hand 3-wheel pushchair for dog walking, country parks etc - probably a BJCM GT/GT2.

I've recently discovered 2 shops that aren't too far away that stock Kinderkraft in store which is great. For some reason not many stores in the UK carry them in store. I've looked at the Kinderkraft Nea and ABC Design Salsa 4.

The ABC Design is great and has lovely suspension, but I found the although the hood is huge it's very flimsy.
What are your thoughts on the Nea? There doesn't seem to be any actual user reviews for this, which is what's making me a little hesitant. It has a high backrest and is very similar to the Salsa 4.

When I was in the store the Salsa 4 felt very heavy to push (without a child in the seat) compared to the Nea even though the specs show they're about the same overall weight.

I also liked the Peg Perego Veloce but having seen it in person the seat looks pretty compact. I do also like the Britax Strider M, but it has very mixed reviews and a shorter backrest.

Would you say that a shorter depth and wider seat is better than a wider depth and narrower width?
E.g Nea is 33 x 21 and a Britax Strider is 30 x 23.

Many thanks again ☺️

Eli • 16 Mar 2024

Hey, Helen,

That's good you went to check the strollers out, as the push is very different from person to person, depending on your height, style of walking, etc. For me, the Salsa actually pushed rather nicely, though again we are two very different persons and if it was harder to push even empty, I would advise against getting that one. Otherwise, I would actually prefer the Salsa as the space in the bassinet as well as the seat is very, very generous. The canopy felt thinner, but ultimately, it wasn't a problem; it did its job. Usually, such a large canopy can't be too thin as it would be a bulk of fabric that would make it even bulkier.

The Nea is a newer (and not a flagship) KinderKraft model, which is probably why there's not many reviews. It will be just fine, some things a bit simpler, KK liked to save some money on the plastics and small details. But if you don't care about that too much, the stroller is a nice one for the price. Just don't expect miracles from a "budget" stroller brand, and you'll be happy with it, I would say.

About the seat, there is no absolute rule. I would say though a very shallow seat is a very bad thing, I would rather take a narrower one - on the other hand, none of these are crazy shallow, and it more depends on the overall design - the seat angle the distance of the bumper bar, and most importantly, how high and how angled is the canopy, as it is the canopy that will ultimately limit the space the most. I am not a huge fan of the Strider though, the frame and the wheels could be better, the whole sturdier. So I would probably not go for that one.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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