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Kinderkraft Cruiser: Which Kinderkraft stroller would be the best for my almost 6mo baby?

Florina • 14 Jan 2024


Which Kinderkraft would be the best for my almost 6-month-old baby?

Eli • 15 Jan 2024

Hey, Florina,

This is not an easy answer as it depends on what you need. Does thebaby sit by itself (without any help to sit up)? What about the terrain around you, the usual use of a stroller for you? Do you fold it often and how large is the car boot?

There is not one idea stroller, there is the right fit for a particular situation and expectations. But if I shouldpick the models that are, overall, quite nice, I would suggest the Kinderkraft grande line which will last you better, space as well as wheel-wise, the newer Kinderkraft Route that feel practical-ish designed, or, if you'd need a reversible seat, the Kinderkraft All Road.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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