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Joolz Hub+ vs. the newer Nuna Triv Next

Alex • 13 Apr 2024

Hi Eli

I see you’ve reviewed the older Nuna Triv vs the Joolz Hub+ but how does the Joolz Hub+ stack up against the newer Nuna Triv Next model?

Background: I live in a city so would need spent hi by fairly compact but sturdy across rougher terrain when we visit the countryside.

First time very confused mum Alex

Eli • 14 Apr 2024

Heya, Alex,

Both of these are good and sturdy, BUT it is true the Triv Next's wheels are a bit bigger. The best thing about he update is that they fixed the Triv's stability, the Next doesn't really have that problem anymore. So even if I personally perhaps prefer the Hub+ a little, as I like the seat space and overall design and flat fold more, I would say that for your needs (including countryside use), the higher-up Next with a tad chunkier wheels might actually be the better option here, and I can definitely recommend that to you.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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