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Joolz Day 2: Can the Joolz Day 2 be used for two children at the same time?

Kelly • 15 Jan 2023

Can the Joolz Day Two be used for two children at the same time (two different ages)? I have read the Joolz Geo can but we already have the Day 2 and are now expecting baby number two.

Eli • 16 Jan 2023

Hi, Kelly,

Unfortunately, no, the Day line cannot be used as a double, no. There is no way to attach any second part to the chassis. The only way to make this stroller suitable for two kids is to attach a buggyboard in the rear. For full-featured use with two children (like, with a seat and a carrycot/car seat), you will neet the Geo or another double or single-to-double pram.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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