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Joolz Aer+: Would the carrycot for the original Aer fit the Aer Plus?

Maria • 15 Jun 2023


We are considering of getting the Joolz Aer+ but I wonder if the carrycot for the Aer will fit into this new model. I wouldn't be willing to buy a brand new carrycot specific for this model as this is very expensive. The previous model is on sale so I wonder if this would fit into the new model.

Thank you.

Eli • 15 Jun 2023

Hey, Maria,

As far as I know, the attachment system hasn't changed. That means the carrycot/bassinet for the Aer SHOULD fit the Aer Plus, yes. To be 100% sure, the best is always to ask their customer service as well, OR try it in a store. I personally am, however, rather sure it will fit.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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